ZF will offer a new electric propulsion system from 2018

In 2018 the company ZF and a european manufacturer of vehicles -yet unrevealed – will be put on the market a new electric propulsion system developed by automotive supplier German.

Especially for electric vehicles powered by battery, fuel cell or hybrid, is so compact it can be mounted on different architectures of vehicles, from compact to light commercial and front-wheel-drive or rear, which provides multiple possibilities to the manufacturers that assemble; even its high power allows it to offer in different segments power levels.

The system has an electric motor, asynchronous (ASM) which is situated in the center of the drive shaft and is coupled to an automatic transmission of a single connection of two stages with a differential, the cooling unit and the power electronics with the software, all within the same enclosure. The system generates a maximum power of up to 150 kW, approximately 200 HP, with a maximum torque of 380 Nm.


high technology reduces the costs of materials to manufacturers

This set ZF presents important features with the more common electric motors-magnet synchronous permanent (PSM), particularly on costs for the manufacturer, because it is the system does not require magnetic materials as neodymium or dysprosium, whose price fluctuates in function of the availability and it is a game difficult to assess for manufacturers and suppliers.

Also, in a wider range between the constant performance and the maximum thanks to a ratio of 9.6: 1 which reduces the level of speed in the two stages.

One of the problems faced by manufacturers and the automotive suppliers in designing systems of electric propulsion are the losses that occur between the electric motor and the power electronics to convert the energy from the battery into alternating current three-phase to the electric motor in certain driving cycles.


ZF has minimized these losses to the maximum by adding a system of electrical axes, which increases the voltage on the modulation, the motor current is reduced while maintaining the performance and slightly increasing the autonomy.

But, there is a question that you will be: what manufacturer is it?. We know that Land Rover decided to build his own system of electric drive (EDM) that had to fit in the structure of the Range Rover and be equipped with the new automatic transmission TRANSCEND eight-speed.

Goodbye to the power losses in the conversion

Discarded German, and leaving aside the Italian Fiat that, by now, seem to be not interested, it is Land Rover the more chances it has to be this manufacturer mysterious, since we have been able to know that the british brand is focusing all its efforts on electrification total to be launched in 2020, so we need hybrid versions of more modern quickly to offer alternatives to their competitors.

And here is where the facelift of the Land Rover Discovery Sport and the second generation of the Range Rover Evoque, which will be the first models to offer hybrid versions. So soon, they will be in 2019, with all the years 2017 and 2018 to perform real-world testing in mule testing.