Zotye E01, a strange mix between a Smart, a BMW i3, a Land Rover and a Tesla


It’s amazing, but Zotye Auto succeeded in merging the exterior style three different models and combine it with the inside of fourth model , to give life to an urban electric vehicle which they called E01 .


Zotye-E01-2 S olo in China could occur. The kings of copies achieved a vehicle that combines the exterior features of a Smart ForTwo merged with a front that combines headlights Land Rover with the bumper of a BMW i3.

On the other hand, the compartment can not deny his inspiration in the Tesla Model S , especially his panel without buttons and large 10-inch multimedia screen and vertical format.

The Chinese Zotye 4 cars managed to merge into one to give life to E01.

This small Frankenstein is but the Zotye E01, one of the latest news from Zotye Auto . Unfortunately the Chinese company has not yet released any photo posterior, which we presume could have as many features models.

The Zotye E01 is an urban electric car that features a range of up 150kilómetros and in turn achieved a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. It is envisaged that its release occur later this year and will also have a four-door variant which is referred Zotye E02 .

Not content to copy a car, the Chinese Zotye Auto went a step further by merging many as four vehicles in one. For details must wait for its official debut will take place under the Shanghai Auto Show will begin on April 22.






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