Zotye E200: this is the chinese clone of the Smart ForTwo

The Zotye E200 is a kind of clone of the Smart ForTwo but equipped with an electric motor of 24 HP. Develops a maximum speed of 80 km/h and has an autonomy of 120 kilometers

Zotye-E200-1Andl Smart ForTwo is one of the cars most copied in China and Zotye International Auto is almost a specialist in clones, whose maximum exponent is the T700, the copy of the Porsche Macan that is almost as faithful as the original, in addition to its flagship, the Z700, that fixed their bases in aesthetics in the Audi A6.

But also have several electric vehicles such as the Zotye E01, a product that blends the qualities of the Smart ForTwo and BMW i3. But one of the more recent developments that Zotye led to the last Car show in Shanghai is the Zotye E200, vehicle electric two-seater who can’t hide its inspiration in the product of Daimler.


Zotye has several products inspired by the Smart ForTwo. The E200 is a electric motor of 24 HP.

On an aesthetic level the Zotye E200 a body that combines two colors. From the waist line up combines the body color with the roof, mirrors and tailgate rear black in color. In the front stand out headlights daytime LED, a grille with chrome finish and a lower air intake with finish of the honeycomb.

The interior features only two-seater and is presented with a design simple and austere. Both the panel and the upholstery of seats and doors are combined in three tones, while the instrument panel is completely digital, at the same time, which highlights the screen 10-inch of the system of information and entertainment with support for Apple CarPlay.

Between its endowment are items such as multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, air conditioning, lifts crystals, electric mirrors, electrodes, keyless access and start button. The automatic gearbox is controlled by a dial located on the centre console, the same place where is located the switch of the hand brake electric.

The Zotye E200 uses a electric motor that produces 24 HP and 82 Nm of torque, enough to achieve a maximum speed of 80 km/h, with an autonomy of around 120 miles.